The CrossFit SAC experience starts with our OnRamp program: five one-on-one sessions to take you from your current level to CrossFit-ready. Start anywhere: from complete beginner to expert.

We’ll tailor OnRamp to make CrossFit fun and effective.

Couples & Family pricing shown here are for two person memberships. Additional family members can be added as well, ask us how!

Cancellation/Hold Policy  Written notice is required for membership cancellations at least 14 day prior to the membership renewal/billing date. Limit one membership hold per year. To cancel, click here.  

Vacations/Time away from the gym  Check out the Travel WODs page for some no/low equipment WODs. Classes missed while out of town or away from the gym do not “roll-over” to the next month. If an extended period of time away is expected, a one-time a year membership hold can be used with advance notice. 


QuickFit is a 45-minute program aimed at developing cardiovascular conditioning and strength. This program does not require OnRamp to get started.


Personal Training

If you are looking to get guidance on how to improve a skill, better approach your training or are looking for individualized programming set up an appointment with a coach today!




Additional Services