CrossFit Lingo

CrossFit is all about efficiency of movement, and sometimes language. We love our acronyms and abbreviations. Here are some of the more common ones you are likely to encounter.


C&J= Clean and Jerk

DL= Deadlift

DU’s/ 2x= Double unders

HSPU= Handstand Push up (don’t worry, we can scale these)

FS= Front Squat

K2E= Knees to Elbows

OHS= Overhead Squat  

SDHP= Sumo Deadlift High Pull

T2B= Toes to Bar


                KB= Kettlebell

                DB= Dumbbell

                MB=Medicine Ball

Workout types

AMRAP= As Many Rounds/ Reps as Possible

EMOTM= Every Minute on the Minute

“The Girls”/ Girl WOD= Refers to one of the classic CrossFit WODs that is named after a female. These WODs include “Fran,” “Cindy,” and “Grace.”

“Heroes”= Workouts named after fallen soldiers and law enforcement officers; most notably “Murph.”


If you EVER have any questions about movements, please ask a coach!