Calvin Kenan

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Calvin Kenan


  • CrossFit - L1
  • CrossFit - L2
  • CrossFit - Kids
  • CrossFit - Powerlifting
  • CrossFit - Gymnastics
  • CrossFit - Weightlifting / Conjugate Methods



I got into CrossFit back in 2011 when I was still a personal trainer at another “Globo-Gym”. I had been working mostly corrective exercise with elderly clients to rehab injuries and for a few clients, a bit more sports performance and conditioning. I got bored of doing the same cookie cutter workouts for myself and my clients and was looking for something exciting, challenging and new. I came to CF SAC in 2012 where I was mentored by some of HQ’s finest teachers and now (almost 8 years of CF later) I’m 13 years in the industry, still excited about CrossFit and love my job. I became a Trainer because I love fitness but I became a CF Coach because I love people. This place is my home. These folks are my people. The fun energy in here is too good to let go of. I’ll never go back. :)


Fun Facts:"
" I have 2 beautiful sons James and Oliver"
" I like burpees"
" I love playing Magic the Gathering almost as much as I love working out"
" My Tattoos make me look tougher than I actually am"
" Coach Amy is my Nutrition Coach

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