Elizabeth Higgins Story

““There is a direct correlation between a person’s ability to get up off the floor from a sitting position and how long they will live”.

About 6 years ago a personal trainer told me this and thinking he was talking nonsense, I decided to ask Google. Sure enough in 2012 a scientific study was published in the European Journal of Preventative Cardiology. The results indicated a higher mortality rate in those who had more difficulty getting up off the floor.

Last year when my one-year-old grand-daughter held out her chubby little hand to help me as I was barely able to get up off the floor, I did not need a scientific study to realize this 61-year-old grandmother needed to commit to a lifestyle change.

One of my nieces, a CrossFit athlete in Austin, Texas, encouraged me to look into CrossFit and in October, 2018, I gathered up the courage to walk into CrossFit SAC. After calling one other CrossFit in my area, I decided on CrossFit SAC because I could meet one-on-one with a coach before joining.

At that time fearful was the best way to describe how I felt, so meeting with a coach first was important. I was fearful of yet again getting injured, of failing, of not fitting in, of being judged, of not being good enough. Since joining CrossFit SAC, fear has been replaced with feeling safe, supported and strong.

Safe. During the free intro meeting I learned that CrossFit workouts can be scaled to a person’s ability to perform them safely. There is an emphasis on the importance of injury prevention. The coach reassured me that I was not alone and encouraged me to “trust the process”. Still not sure but willing to try, I joined CrossFit SAC that same day and left holding onto the coach’s own “trust in the process”.

Supported. The people in this gym are authentic and their support is genuine. There are often times I am one of the last athletes to finish a workout. Just as my mind is telling me “I can’t do this anymore” I hear “Come on Liz, you’ve got this!”. Those words help me push through to the end and finish stronger.

Support from the coaches is unwavering. CrossFit SAC coaches share the same qualities of professionalism, expertise, and a sincere desire for their athlete’s success and well-being. Each CrossFit SAC session starts on time and follows the same structured format. It is a relief to walk into the gym and know I do not have to try to struggle through trying to make up my own workout. It is the quality coaching staff, workout consistency, and the other CrossFit SAC athletes that keep me feeling supported and coming back for more.

Strong. I am both physically and mentally stronger because of the empowerment I found at CrossFit SAC. Stronger because I can life weight I had never dreamed possible. Stronger because I did not judge my self for failing to lift that same weight the next time I tried. Stronger because I went through a day making healthy food choices. Stronger because I was able to get back on track after a day I did not choose food so wisely. Stronger because after looking ahead of time at a workout that scared the crap out of me, I walked into the building anyway. Stronger because, after many years of excuses, I am finally taking responsibility for the quality of the life I have left.

My granddaughter no longer reaches her hand out to help when her “Grams” goes to get up off the floor. In fact, this Grams can not only get up off the floor unassisted, she can squat to pick up and hold her 35-lb granddaughter in one arm, Pound Puppy and Mr. Moose in the other, and while carefully balancing across a floor filled with plastic farm animals and Duplos, squat once again to rescue a much-loved pink teddy bear named Booger.

Thank you CrossFit SAC.”

Elizabeth Higgins

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