Wednesday 6/26

Back Squat


The gym is hosting a L1 Seminar this weekend. There will be a 7 am WOD at the gym Saturday. Mobility will be held at the Hamilton Street Park at 10 am on Sunday.

Hey guys! Just a friendly reminder that training is important. Working hard is the foundation of progress when it comes to the gym. However, maintaining rest days and mobility can help prevent injuries that ultimately slow you down and keep you from your gains! This is especially important when going for very intense WODs or heavy days. Pulling muscles, such as biceps or hamstrings, can be particularly vulnerable. Watch the following video and tell me how it makes you feel. Then go roll something out.

Making better overall decisions than these fine folk may work well too.

If you’re interested in find out how better to mobilize to increase performance and prevent injury, we still offer the Mobility Unlimited Plus Membership for $20 a month. We meet every Sunday at 10 am. Enjoy your movie.

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