Monday 6/3

For time:

40 Chest 2 Bar Pull Up
50 DB Snatch 45/30
60 Toes to bar
70 Walking Lunge Steps with DB 45/30

Here’s a tip some of you might find helpful for the Chest-to-Bar portion of the workout.

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| STRINGING CTB | . Some tips for #19point5 • It’s a lot of reps so small sets! _ If you’re struggling to string CTB, #cfgcoach @pamelagnon suggests a few reasons why: . 1. After your arch you anticipate getting the chest to the bar too early. . 2. Therefore, you do NOT FINISH the hollow position so you can’t pull around and down on bar. . 3. By pulling early, it sets you under the bar so you’re in the wrong position for the next rep! . *and if you are still struggling, ask yourself if you have enough strict strength behind this skill?! Remember strict before kip. _ 🔹WHAT TO FIX: 1. Be more patient! 2. After the arch you must hit hollow by pulling down on bar by engaging lats! 3. This creates momentum for your body to travel up. 4. Then you can pull in to hit chest to bar. 5. Now you’re more upright & can push away to continue into the next rep🙌🏼. _ NOTICE: 1. Different angle of body in each “pause” during video. 2. Angle of wrists when you pull early vs. pulling around first. _ •Join is for a weekend of Learning: …. #cfgcoach #cfgymnastics #crossfittraining #gymnasty #cfg #crossfit #c2b @crossfittraining

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