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Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3


L-Sit Skill Work

What is your Superpower?

What is your “thing?” The skill, knowledge, expertise that you own? It can be anything. It can be work related; maybe you are the one people go to for help with spreadsheets. Or you are the “difficult client” whisperer because you can diffuse any tense situation. Or it can be something you have taken up at home that is more than a hobby. Like being able to build something so well and effortlessly, you can do it with your eyes closed. The point is, we all have something we can approach and think, “Step aside, I’ve got this!”

Now that you are thinking about your superpower, I want you to think back to when you first started. You didn’t wake up one day being an expert. It took time and mistakes to get to where you are now. Every master gardener has killed a few plants. Before you perfected your signature recipe, you probably made something that didn’t come out quite right. Whatever mistakes were made along the way, you stuck with it. You learned, you improved and you moved on.

When you were developing your superpower, did you expect to be perfect right away? Probably not. It would be pretty unreasonable for someone to expect to be a black belt in karate after a few classes.

So why is CrossFit any different?

If you have never touched a barbell prior to signing up for CrossFit, don’t put pressure on yourself to master the deadlift after one class, let alone expect a bodyweight Clean and Jerk. There are going to be people who make the skills we do look effortless and easy. That’s because those people put in the time and effort to develop those skills, not because those skills are easy.

Sometimes people get discouraged when they are learning these new skills. I occasionally hear “I’m not where I should be.” The idea being that because they have attended X number of classes they should stronger or more proficient.

To that I say, you are right where you should be, in class, with coaches that care about your technique and want you to succeed, and with other athletes who care about your effort more than the weight on your barbell.

It’s okay to be frustrated, it shows you care. Just don’t let that frustration prevent you from developing a new Superpower!

Keep showing up, keep learning, and you will only get better!

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