Saturday 4/20

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 mins of:
Run, 200 m
20 Air Squats
20/16 Row Calories


L-Sit Work

CrossFit, as a training program is unique in its approach to health and fitness, one of the most important being the emphasis on nutrition. Not calories, but actually discussing how what you eat can make you feel, perform and look better. Health isn’t simply a matter of balancing energy in versus energy out. Where that energy (calories) comes from matters. Food matters.



In the past, we have tried to find a way to share information with our members, but we have also realized that everyone would benefit from this information. The concepts of nutrition, what to eat to help improve health and stave off chronic disease, shouldn’t be a secret.

With that in mind, we are closing the CrossFit SAC Nutrition page and inviting everyone to the Real Food Matters page. This way we can post information that will benefit our CrossFit SAC family, but their families as well.

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