Tuesday 3/5

Take 15 -20 minutes each to work up to :

1 Rep Max Push Press
1 Rep Max Push Jerk

What makes a good scale?

With all of the different movements that CrossFit tackles, there are even more different ways to scale those movements. There may be five or six different ways that you scale a pull up or a dumbbell snatch but somebody else might have another five or six that you’ve never heard of. And their friend might have another five or six.

I know that our affiliate has its go to moves. And on occasion I will see other Affiliates really inspire me to try new and exciting things in our scaling.

And also, no matter what you’re used to, when the CrossFit open comes around their scaling options need to be much more streamlined and usually much more accessible and consistent.

So what makes a scale a good scale? When your coaches are finding appropriate scales for classes as a whole we ask ourselves a few things. Some of those things are things like: what is the intention of this movement? What is its stimulus? Are we looking for the strength of the movement? Are we looking to develop a particular skill?

Take muscle ups for example. Let’s say we have muscle ups in a workout. Some folks have plenty of strength to do the muscle up but lack the coordination to get over the Rings in the transition. So for those athletes we may consider having them do attempts to get their skills and timing more in line.

Other folks may have an exceptional ability to kip and turn over the Rings but may lack the raw pull and press strength required to do it safely and consistently on the high rings. Because of that, we might have them do a series of chest to bar pull-ups and strict dips to help him develop the necessary strength to get better.

What’s so great about scales is that they’re completely customizable. And honestly nothing feels quite as good as something that’s custom just for you.

And that’s what we hope that you feel when we give you scaling suggestions. We’re thinking about just you in that moment and how we can get you specifically to where you need to be.

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