Monday 3/18

For Time:

42 Medball cleans
21 BW Bench press
30 Medball Clean
15 BW Bench Press
18 Medball Clean
9 BW Bench Press


On the minute for 7 minutes:
5 Strict C2B pull up

Some words of wisdom from our friends at Brute Strength:

Good athletes do a lot of work. Great athletes do all the work asked of them.

Good athletes have logical excuses for when things don’t go their way. Great athletes don’t make excuses. They actively seek out ways that they can be BETTER.

Good athletes compare themselves to others. Great athletes hold themselves to a higher standard: their full potential.

You could replace the word “athlete” with anything really. Executive, Mother, Human Being. Do what you NEED to do, take accountability, and focus on your own actions and progress. You will be happier/more successful for it.

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