Tuesday 2/05

Handstand Walk practice




Oh yeah! Big day today! 

Now today’s workout is often one that is either loved or hated. Either:

1.) I love snatches and we don’t do them nearly enough during the week. I have freaking goals and I can’t wait to spend the next 40 mins delving into the minutiae and subtle details of my form.


2.) These are super stupid and I can’t do them and we do them all the time and coach is dumb for programming them.

Either way, you’re right. We do them a fair amount. As much as we would do a lot of other complex movements. However, there is a reason this lift is in the Olympics right? It’s not a simple or straight forward task to achieve. That’s why days like this are so important. They give us the required time to really either face down our demons or bask in a “non-metcon” style of engagement and relieve the pressure of performance or failure. 

Going in today, keep an open mind and try to have some fun with it. Don’t get caught up with what’s wrong or how you can’t do something. Absorb the knowledge and get some needed practice. Good luck Guys!!


Coach Calvin

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