Wednesday 1/9

3 rounds for time of:
23 Deadlifts, 225/155 lbs
23 Pull-ups
50 Double Unders

We are so proud of the community we have built! When we get new members at the gym, I can usually count on people introducing themselves to athletes they don’t know. Never underestimate how powerful that small gesture can be in making people feel more comfortable at CrossFit SAC! Here are some other ways you can help people new to the gym feel like they belong.

From The Morning Chalk Up

Eight Ways to Help Newcomers Feel Welcome

Happy New Year, friends. With the new year comes new members, armed with resolutions and hungry for some fitness. Here are eight ways to help them feel more comfortable in your beloved CrossFit box.

1. Say hello. It can be scary going to a new place, period. Now imagine walking into a new place and everyone has their shirt off, music is blaring, barbells are dropping and a packed room of athletes are using a barbell in ways you never knew existed. Intimidation city, population one. So when you see a fresh face at the gym, say hello, introduce yourself and make a new friend.

2. Save the weight loss advice. Maybe wait until a little later before offering unsolicited weight loss advice. Yeah it’s the new year and lots of athletes are focused on the scale, but the in-shape athlete telling the new out-of-shape athlete how to shed and shred might not be the most encouraging.

3. Offer help. Bands, barbells, PVC pipes, ab mats, you name it.  They’re not always easy to find. Don’t wait for them to ask for it. Pick one up and bring it over.

4. Don’t coach. Unless you are the actual coach leading the class, don’t coach a newcomer. You don’t know their background, if they have any injuries, or if they’ve been onramped yet. That is not your job. Let the coach do the coaching.

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