Friday 1/18

Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 mins of:
4 Ring Rows
4 Ring Dips
1 Turkish Get-up, Left Arm, 53/35 lbs
1 Turkish Get-up, Right Arm, 53/35 lbs


Chest-to-bar Skill work

From Coach Luke

5 Books Every CrossFitter Should Read

Here is a list of books that I believe every CrossFitter should read at some point in their lives, and a little bit of what they are about. Each of these I have personally read and thoroughly enjoyed due to each of them being so helpful with mindset and motivation to be the best “you” we all can be. I have a hard copy of Embrace the Suck if anyone wants to borrow it, but all of the others I purchased on iBooks.


1.     Chasing Excellence – Ben Bergeron

 This book is about how we all can chase excellence in our lives, whether that be in our careers, family, relationships, hobbies, etc. It is told through Ben using examples of his CrossFit Games athletes, and how he builds their character first and then their physical abilities. He believes that better people make better athletes, and he also believes that it works the same way for many other career fields as well.

2.     The Power of Community: CrossFit And the Force of Human Connection – Allison Wenglin Belger

This book is all about how the community that is CrossFit really helps us grow and learn as human beings. She discusses the importance and the impact that having a network of supportive people and uses personal life stories to help drive the point home.

3.     Embrace the Suck – Stephen Madden

This book is perfect for everyone who is a member at a CrossFit Box. He talks about his journey with CrossFit and really gives an inside look at what it is like to be new to a Box, and the different emotions he had when he started. This is a really good book for coaches to read because it really gives an accurate description of what it is like to be on the athlete’s side of things when it comes to classes and the atmosphere of the gym.

4.     How Champions Think – Bob Rotella

This is probably my favorite book on this list. I am currently reading it right now and am most of the way through it. Bob Rotella is a very well-known sports psychologist who has worked with dozens of household name athletes including the most well known in Lebron James. This book really gives people the opportunity to evaluate where they stand with their goals and gives them the necessary information to be able to be as mentally ready as possible.

5.     The Obstacle Is the Way – Ryan Holiday

This is another great book about mindset and adversity. It discusses how humans learn and grow only through adversity, and the most successful people are the ones who can get back up when they get knocked down. Anyone, yes anyone, can benefit from reading this book. We all have had situations in our lives where we thought about giving up or quitting. This book will really get you thinking the right way about those situations and help you learn how to use them to your advantage.

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