Thursday 1/17

Max Effort 2k Row

Bar Muscle-Up Skill Work

From Coach Calvin

When I was getting into CF back in 2011-2012. The games were mostly in full rise and CF was just coming into its competitive uprise. Athletes like Rich Froning, Dan Bailey, Annie Thorisdottir and Michelle LeBlanc-Bazinet were at the top of their game and put on the shows. it was an exciting time to CrossFit. Whenever I get tired or feel like training is getting old I watch videos with those athletes to get another spark going and get me fired up! So, in case the cold winter air has cooled your heels too much… I present to you:

This is one of my most favorite events ever because it’s fast and flashy and really fun to watch people get after.

If you are paying close attention to Marcus Hendron you’ll notice his judge looks awfully familiar.

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