Tuesday 9/25

For time:
35 Dumbbell Push Press, 45/30
2 Dumbbell Farmers Carries, 45/30
50 ft Walking Lunge
75 GHD Sit-ups
50 ft Walking Lunge
2 Dumbbell Farmers Carries, 45/30
35 Dumbbell Push Press, 45/30

The gym will be closed for a Level 1 Seminar this weekend. There will be a Saturday morning park WOD at 9 am.

Oh no. I can’t even…

Something all of us have said to ourselves at one point or another during a workout. Maybe you went out a little too hot on the first of seven rounds. Maybe you did something the day before that totally wrecked a body part that you needed today. For whatever reason you get into the workout, everything’s going good, and then all of a sudden… full stop. 

I’m actually writing this blog less than a week since we did the workout “Cindy”. And for those of you unfamiliar with that workout nine times out of 10 it’s going to be the push-ups that go away first. And several athletes may go into it rocking out all 10 repetitions unbroken for several rounds. And then all at once sets of two to three. Oh no I can’t even… these can be very frustrating moments. They can be infuriating, disenchanting, and sometimes downright depressing. 

The least fun version of this is when you set very high expectations for yourself before the workout. Maybe you’re looking to PR your reps or rounds. Maybe weight. And when it doesn’t happen the negative self-talk starts to kick in. Maybe a panic or anger sets in. Maybe it just knocks the wind right out of you. Just know that feeling happens to everyone. We’ve all had that moment where we feel like we let ourselves down because we didn’t exceed our own expectations. I’ve had personal experiences where that lasts a full week or two at a time. And you start to ask yourself if you’re ever going to come out of the rut. You absolutely will. In the moment it feels like garbage. But just have hope and no that you’re not defined by one performance or even a week full of performances. 

Your identity and self-worth is not defined by your PRS. Your effort, willpower, resilience and determination make you the kind of athlete that you are. Even the strongest of folks will falter under some weight. Even the fastest people move slow sometimes. And everybody has those workouts it didn’t quite go the way they planned. This video is an oldie but a goodie. Kind of long but the tide changes around the 6-minute mark. An interesting watch if you’ve got a spare moment.



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