Tuesday 8/21

For time:
150 Double Unders
50 Toes-to-bars
50 Burpees

There are so many benefits to exposing teenagers to physical activity, whether it be sports or an exercise routine like CrossFit. Beyond the obvious health benefits, teens learn about teamwork and develop self-esteem, resiliency and work ethic. Here are some reasons why it is beneficial to include your teenager in a well-structured CrossFit Kids program:

  • Avoid sports burn-out: Does your child love soccer? How much do you think they will love playing soccer year-round, year after year? Taking a break from a sport (not just adding a strength and conditioning program) can give your child a mental break and can prevent our next point…
  • Avoid physical burn-out:  Repetitive use injury can sideline even the most enthusiastic young athlete. Developing a more well-rounded base as an athlete can help prevent injury caused by sports-specific activity. 
  • Resilience: If your child doesn’t play sports, they may not have as much exposure to defeat. Anyone who does CrossFit knows that it is more about developing mental strength than physical prowess. Learning that it’s okay not to be perfect the first time trying something new and that consistency and hard work are important are lessons better learned sooner than later. 
  • Safety: CrossFit SAC is a CrossFit Kids Registered affiliate, meaning that our coaches have undergone specific training to best understand how to effectively and safely train children and teenagers. They have also received first aid and CPR training and must complete an annual background check to maintain their CrossFit Kids certification. 

If you have a teenager you think might benefit from our CrossFit Teens program, they can try the first week free! 

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