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Hey there guys, it’s Calvin! Let’s talk a little bit about Workout Archetypes . Now, going into this I want you to keep in mind that you may not fall entirely into one of the archetypes I’m about to refer to. However, there may be one you identify with more. In my my 10+ years working in the fitness industry, I’ve noticed some general themes and “types” when it comes to working out.

1. The hyped athlete: 
-Fully committed and wants to be fit!
-Ready to go, 6 days a week, twice a day be at the Regionals in 8 weeks. 
Upside: Motivated, accepting. Likely to get fit when they listen to coach.

Downside: probably overtraining. No rest. Will eventually go backwards and/or hurt more because body can’t recover.

2. Lifestyle balance:
-Makes some life choices around frequent drinking. Doesn’t eat many fruits and vegetables. Or more than likely, not much food at all. Basically says, “I workout so I can eat and drink what I want.”
Upside: making a conscious decision and effort to try and out work what they recognize as a bad diet. Better than doing nothing for sure.

Downside: Unfortunately it’s not helping as much as we like. Staving off sickness a little bit longer isn’t the same as being healthy. Often these athletes also over train and get injured as they are constantly trying to out-race their own bad habits.

3. The Weekend Warrior:
-Cherry picks.
-Just happens to show up for things that they like/are good at.
-Not super consistent and usually complains that the CrossFit Open is “unbalanced ” or “rigged”.

Upside: Generally really good at a short list of things and can really shine! Usually enjoys the social aspect of the gym and is a fun person to work out with. 

Downside: Stuck in a rut. Not doing much better than last week/month/year. Probably starts attending less because they see everyone else around them making faster progress. Gets discouraged and maybe stops all together.


4. The Weakness Chaser:

-Shows up for every scheduled WOD in their week.
-Knows intensity over volume means the most progress.
-Knows that rest days are important and schedules them ahead of time. (Even if it means missing a crazy fun Wod.)
-Sees consistent progress and seldom needs to deal with overtraining issues such as fatigue or injury.

Upside: All the fitness.


Now bear in mind that these are types that I personally have observed. There certainly are many more variants of these and by no means is this the be-all-end-all. But, you might find yourself looking at one of these and identifying more with it. And maybe there’s another one that gives you more perspective. 


Just some food for thought. See you guys soon! 

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