Wednesday 7/18

30 reps for time of:
Clean & Jerk 135/95#

Which Grace is Harder?

Below are two extremely fit men doing the same workout, “Grace,” with two different weights. Dan Bailey, on the left. is doing Grace prescribed at 135 pounds, while Rob Orlando, on the right, is using 300 pounds. Are both of these workouts challenge? Yes, but in extremely different ways. Bailey’s Grace is non-stop, pedal to the metal go! Orlando’s weight is almost three times the prescribed weight and impressive that he could clean and jerk it for 30 reps, however, his intensity takes a nose dive. It takes him 30 times as long to complete the workout. Going heavy doesn’t mean hard, it means slow. We don’t want slow on a day like today we want you to breath hard and make your lungs burn. So today, find a weight that challenges you more to hold onto the bar and keep going. 

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