Wednesday 6/6

Conjugate Day

  • Dynamic Effort Upper
    Banded bench press
    10×3 @ ~50
  • Bench Press for load:
     #1: 5 reps
     #2: 5 reps
     #3: 5 reps

Why Conjugate Days? 
It’s been a few months since we programmed a Conjugate so the structure of the workout might be completely new to some of you. The idea behind the Conjugate Method of training is to incorporate a combination of movements in various weights and repetitions to promote strength and muscular stamina. Even though this method of training is more commonly associated with Powerlifting, it is utilized by athletes from all sports, including CrossFit, Track and Field and Football. 

One of the other benefits of incorporating the Conjugate Method is its ability to develop explosive strength and speed through its utilization of accommodating resistance (bands or chains) which makes the weight or movement feel progressively heavier or more challenging through the range of motion. This way of training not only helps you get through the sticking spot of a heavy squat but can help improve your box jumps, sprints, and rowing. 

Moral of the story: If you want to get better at just about anything, show up for Conjugate Days! 

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