Tuesday 6/5

3 Rounds for time of:
50 Overhead squats (45/35)
25 Toes-to-bar

Why You Should Ditch the Wrist Wraps

I know a day like today will make many athletes instinctively reach for their wrist wraps. Not so fast! Why do you wear wrist wraps, (other than their fun design)? Because overhead squats make your wrists hurt, right? Why is that? Because you have tight hands, wrists and forearms. What is going to prevent any meaningful change in that flexibility? Wearing wrist wraps! 

Our day-to-day lives typically don’t require the amount of flexion required for the overhead squat, so it will be beneficial to warm-up your wrists before the WOD but allowing your wrists to get into those positions during the workout is going to yield the quickest change. Sure, there are times where it would be appropriate to wear wrist wraps, think a heavy day, but they should be the exception, not the rule. By improving your wrist flexibility, you will not only improve your weightlifting, but you will likely notice improvements in your gymnastics as well. 

I won’t be easy and it won’t be comfortable, but it will payoff in the long run. 

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