Thursday 6/21

5 Rounds for time of:
30ft Handstand Walk
15 GHD Sit-ups
5 Overhead squats (155/105)


Hey guys! It’s me! Calvin! 

I thought I might touch on the topic of summertime CrossFit with you guys for a “hot” second. ( See what I did there?). But truly, things are changing this time of year and with the changing of the seasons comes a change in thought process. Schedules and priorities tend to shift as summer makes it’s move. For those of you who have spent any number of summers here in Sacramento, you know it can get warm. Sometimes you don’t want to train hard CF workouts when it’s, 85, 95, 105 degrees outside. Believe me, I feel you. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t train. Being tempered to work in the heat is another adaptation the human body can figure out if it’s done correctly. I know that heat brings my level of performance down a good portion of the time but if I avoid it, and then have to do a workout in a greater heat, then I’m gonna crash hard. However, if I slowly adjust to the rising temperatures as the weeks go on, it won’t be such a massive shock to my system when it comes up. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll feel it but, it may not catch me as “off guard”. 

Now that may work for some of you. Others may feel like that acclimation will never happen. My alternative to this is the 6 am class. Yes, it may be earlier than you are used to but it is nicer weather in the morning before that sun gets up overhead. Some of you might say to yourself ” coach, the 7 pm class has just as good temps. I’ll just go then.”

Will you though? After a full day of work. Or Childcare? Or both? In the heat? All day long? Chances are good that you won’t. Statistically anyway.

Making time to come in is just as important now as it ever is. Don’t let yourself trick yourself into not staying/ getting fit. Vacation and heat waves or not. If you still have doubts let’s do a little role play.

Athlete: Coach it’s too hot to come in for the WOD
Coach: Great! Let’s do 6 am instead. 

Athlete: Coach, it’s IMPOSSIBLE for me to get up at 5 am to be here by 6 am. Like, IMPOSSIBLE
Coach: So what if I gave you $1000 each time you did a 6 am Class?

Athlete: Well, of course I’d show up. That’d be totally different!
Coach: So, you’re saying it’s not “impossible” you just don’t want to.

Athlete: well, yeah…How about 7pm?
Coach : How long is your day?

Athlete: 12-ish hours
Coach: You gonna do Fight Gone Bad after a 12 hour day?

Coach: Right?… 

Athlete: Coach none of these are not my ideal situations. 
Coach: I totally get it. Truly. It’s very challenging to make time in your day for you and your health. But I really think your ability to overcome those obstacles shows your commitment to yourself and a strong character.

Athlete: I’ll see you at 6.
Coach: (does Rick Flair “woo” call)





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