Monday 5/21

3 Rounds for time of:
21 Row (cal)
15 Push-ups
9 Front squats (155/105)

Technique Matters– even if you are super fit!

After a weekend of watching the European, East and South Regionals, it is clear that there are some really fit people in the world. In some cases, the big difference in placement came down to technique and efficiency. With some of the workouts being lower skill triplets, like the “Triple 3’s” rowing, double unders and running, just charging through is going to mean wasting a lot of energy.

The same is true for workouts at the gym. Rowing and running may seem simple and easy, but if technique is lacking, so will efficiency and performance. Often this means slowing down a little to reinforce and practice good mechanics, and though it might mean not winning the workout now, it will build you into a better athlete later. 

If you would like to work on developing some the skills mentioned above, check out the Camp Cardio course being held in July. 

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