Friday 5/18

10 Rounds each for meters:
30 second row
90 second rest

As the CrossFit world gears up for Regionals to determine who moves on to the CrossFit Games, let us not lose sight of what CrossFit is about. A vast majority of the people who do CrossFit are never going to Regionals or the Games. And while it’s fun to watch people compete, CrossFit is more than Matt Fraser and any one of the Dottirs. CrossFit saves lives. CrossFit is more than just working out and “burning calories” because we talk about more than just working out, we talk about nutrition, lifestyle changes and how these affect your physical and mental health.

This weekend, as you watch athletes take on superhuman feats, take pride in knowing that, even though you may not be able to performs those workouts, you are part of a community that is changing the world, making people healthier and more fit. In other words, you’re kind of a big deal. 

There is also some salty language in this video…

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