Wednesday 4/11

Front Squat

From Calvin


Hey guys! I want you to imagine I scenario with me

You have all these friends. Say 10. You have all of your friends in your life for different reasons and each friend likes to do different things when you hang out with them. Now let’s say you just happen to like some of your friends more than others. BFFs if you will. So, naturally, you may end up spending more time with some of them than others. This goes on for a while and maybe you’ve not been responding to those friends texts for a bit. You’ll “like” their posts on the interwebs and such but no real 1 on 1 time.

We’ll now it’s moving day. You looking to move from a 1 bedroom apartment to a 3 bedroom house in a nice neighborhood but here’s the thing. You have a lot to move. You can’t seem to get a pickup truck. You need help and the friends you’ve been enjoying so much time with can’t help you because 2 of them are out of town that week and the other ones are just useless in this regard. The only ones that can help you are, you guessed it, your neglected friends. 

Now you could call them up and ask for help but you know already that they’ll be very hesitant to perform well for. You will likely not enjoy the time spent with them or get much done and probably end up apologizing for not having developed your relationship more.

This is not unlike your weaknesses in the gym. There are lots of things we do here in the gym and we have a need and good reason to spend time practicing them. When push comes to shove ( like I don’t know, the Open) we don’t want to have to call up our old buddy we’ve been avoiding and ask for help. We’d like a strong and healthy relationship with them. We won’t just thumbs ups their posts we’ll make time to go see them and hang out. And in doing so, we make ourselves better people.

On an unrelated note: Double Unders, I will text you today. 

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