Tuesday 3/6

Five 3-minute rounds of:
10 Deadlift @ 275/185
10 Box jump @ 36/30
Row for max calories
Rest 3 minutes between rounds.

Log calories rowed each round

From Diana

Things just keep getting better!  Last year I shared my transformation story (below).  While my sugar and cholesterol levels had improved to normal levels after just 8 months of joining CrossFit SAC, I still had high blood pressure.  This year, January to be exact, I had my yearly physical exam.  When I went to see my doctor, I had not yet taken my blood pressure med for the day.  My doctor saw my blood pressure reading and was quite surprised considering I had not yet taken my meds.  To my surprise, she said I could discontinue my blood pressure medication because my reading was so good.  She agreed to allow three months without meds as long as I checked it once a week and it remained normal.  That was icing on the cake!! I am now med free and will work to keep it that way.

Last year I decided to try and dial in my nutrition, I was eating better over the last few years but I knew I could improve. I still had that nagging sweet tooth at night right before bed that I always satisfied.  When CrossFit SAC announced the Nutrition Class Amy was going teach, I decided to go for it and see what improvements I could make with my eating.  There was a big focus on cutting out added sugar and processed foods.  That was a big deal for me……..my sweet tooth was rebelling! So I just decided if I didn’t bring it home it would be easier, and it was easier.  I don’t have those daily cravings anymore. I’m not going to say I don’t indulge because I do, but I definitely don’t  eat sugar and processed foods the way I used to and I am much more aware of the sugar content in items I buy at the store.  I thought it weird that cutting back on sugar would reduce sugar craving rather than increase it, but it works!


2017 Transformation Story

I’ve been a member of CrossFit SAC since February 2014.  I was first introduced to CrossFit by my daughter Elena.  When she suggested checking out a few boxes and perhaps join, I thought she was nuts. She felt it was something a mother/daughter could do together.  I didn’t know anything about CrossFit except for a few clips I saw on TV.    I told her “I’m 56 years old; there is no way I can do that stuff”.  She convinced me to just check them out.  Elena and I visited three boxes.  Once we walked into CrossFit Sac, talked with a coach and observed how the class was conducted, we knew CrossFit Sac was the right choice.  Needless to say, once I went through the first intro class, actually brutal intro class, I was hooked.   At the same time, I had been battling some health issues.  I was pre-diabetic, had high cholesterol and high blood pressure.   I’ve always been active, not always consistent, but not sedentary.  Since I was active I didn’t understand why l was having these health issues?  After only 8 months at CrossFit SAC, my follow up doctor’s appointment revealed my blood sugar and cholesterol levels were normal and have remained that way.  There was only one reason for this drastic change; it was the one thing I changed, joining CrossFit SAC.  It turned out to be the best decision I have ever made for my health, nutrition, and fitness.  Not only am I healthier, I feel better, fitter, stronger.  The coaches at CrossFit SAC are so supportive and knowledgeable.  Sometimes they have more confidence in me then I have in myself and I thank them for that much needed push, it has made me stronger.   I’ve met some great people at CrossFit SAC and developed some lasting friendships.  The group is always encouraging and willing to help out.  My only regret…….I wish I’d started CrossFit sooner. 

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