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There is simple and complex and there is easy and hard.

They’re different. 

The solution, itself, is simple, yet exercising regularly is hard; staying off of the refined carbohydrates is hard.

These behaviors are addictive. If someone sits on a couch, shooting up heroin and watching their favorite show, we label them a loser. Yet, when someone gets diabetes from sitting on the same couch with a box of donuts, watching the same show they are a victim of disease. There are more similarities here than differences. The NIH (National Institute of Health) classifies drug addiction as a chronic disease by recidivism, incidence, growth, and the molecular biology. Sugar is addictive. It’s all related. It’s willful behavior; things we are doing to ourselves. 
Sedentarism is addictive, too. It’s self-reinforcing behavior. The television and the internet, they are calling you to the couch. It has a fatal attraction and it is recursive, recurring, and self-inflicted deadly behavior.

“Get off the carbs and off the couch”; This is the job of the affiliate. It is the most important reason to become an affiliate. It’s the very best work that we do. – Greg Glassman

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