Monday 3/5

10 rounds of:
1 power snatch
3 overhead squats

From Jimmy

I was nominated for a transformation story and I had to think about this,  as this is my 6th open,  would have been 8th except a bad ankle break.  With that being said,  Starting CrossFit wanting to be the best I could be and always pausing that competitive levels doing CrossFit.


Last week I submitted a story about coming to CrossFit SAC,  will this week is about the transformation that I have had while at CF Sac.  Before I can advise on my transformation, I should give a bit of my background.   I started doing Crossfit at the end of 2010 and then started only with a Crossfit regiment January of 2011.  I was 6 months out of the Army and looking for a way to keep me interested in working out.   At that time was going to a Globo gym 6 days a week, and was getting bored.  I was starting to miss aspects of PT with my old Infantry unit.   I stopped by the local box that I ended up going to for 4 years, and while going here, I finally found a way for Bri to join me at the gym and feel comfortable while being at the gym. She has been going since March 2011, right after my first open.   We have never looked back, with some of the best years being in shape.   


Fast forward to 2014, we moved from New York out to Ca, and within a week,  I broke 2 bones in my ankle,  tore all my ligaments in my ankle and broke my fibia, it was gnarly looking and I soon realized that my days of trying to be the best were done.   Once I was given the green light in March,  I broke it July 11, 2014, and missed my first open because of it in 2015 :(.  We went to a gym that was not for us and I will just leave it at that.   


Then we bought a house in the area and when we were moving Bri had researched and researched because she wanted to go to a gym that had fun and was not worried about who was there.   We found Crossfit Sac and we started shortly after the open from 2016 ( second missed open).   Going to Crossfit SAC, I realized I did not have to push myself as hard every day, and limp out of there.  The coaches made me realize that it was about having the best workout for myself and not to chase the leaderboard.  The other thing was that Amy corrected my overhead squat form.  I came in telling Dave I couldn’t do anything with overhead squats or squat snatches as I had an impingement in my shoulder.  Amy tweaked some things on my form and advised some supplemental work to change the positioning of my shoulders, and I have not had an issue since (knock on wood).   

My transformation has been more mental than anything.   Crossfit SAC has shown me how to be competitive in my own way.  Calvin has shown me to show up on my bad days, that I need to work out on, and push through the light workouts with speed.   Most importantly Crossfit SAC has shown me to show up for the people and the fitness will come.  I might not be the fittest anymore, but the mindset I have taken while at Crossfit SAC is keep going every day, you will be better for it.  


Also,  I found that Bri or myself can show up to any workout on any day, and their will always be someone to watch after Theo, even if its Dave checking in on him during a wod,  or Amy putting Camden in a stroller and pushing him around when all he wants is his mom.    My guess is if Calvin wasn’t expecting any day now, he would strap one of the many kids that frequent the gym to his chest during a wod and will probably see him do that when Baby Kenan joins us. CrossFit SAC has transformed my mindset to be the best, to be with family.  When its family, it doesn’t matter who is on top.  

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