Wednesday 3/28

Back Squat

We’re not a “competitive gym.” 

In fact, I’ve always shied away from that term and never wanted it to be associated with CrossFit SAC, let me tell you why.

When I think about what it means to be a competitive gym, my frame of reference comes from conversations I’ve had during the hundreds of seminars I’ve worked all over the world, and the common elements that they share.

CrossFit gyms that consider themselves to be “competitive” seem to have these things in common:

 – They value their athletes for what they can contribute to the “team,” be it with their scores or their prestige, rather than valuing them for their attitude, coachability, involvement and general presence in class. If you’re not good enough to be on the “team,” then you’re less important to them.

 – They push everyone to compete, regardless of the personal goals of the athletes. Local throwdowns, online competitions, you name it. Competitive gyms will shove as many people as they can into them. Often, I think, just to see who will come out the other side as a contender for their competition teams. 

Many of you might read this and think “yeah but you guys push everyone to do the Open”!

You’d be right about that, but it’s not what you think. We highly encourage participation in the Open, not for the sake of competition, but for the sake of community and personal growth. We want you to do the Open so you can learn more about why you joined our little gym in the first place and see some of the fruits of your hard work. We encourage it because we know it’s ultimately good for YOU, not just good for us. 

– They value people based on their fitness. This means that as soon as someone more fit comes along, you lose value in their eyes, you’re not as good to them.

This is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what we strive for. We value people based on their effort, their goals, their individuality and how we can help them strive for progress. We know that your fitness does not define who you are as a person or as a member of our gym. Nor should it. 

– They create an “us” and “them” mentality of cliques and “cool people”. Having competitive athletes often leads to those athletes feeling entitled and like they deserve more attention/consideration than the “regular” members.

We’ve always worked to make everyone feel welcomed and included, regardless of what they’re doing for the workout or how many times they’ve completed something RX’d in the past few weeks. 


So we’ll never be a “competitive gym” because that’s not who we are. 

But we will keep doing everything we can to help you continue to reach the goals you’ve set for  yourself (and if that happens to be competitions, it turns out we can help with that too).

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