Thursday 3/22

10 Rounds for time:
10 KB Swing @ 53/35
25 Double Under


From our very own Amy

I was not an active or athletic child and as an adult, I was dissatisfied with how I looked and had no idea how to eat or workout. I cycled through gym memberships, workout DVDs and countless hours on an elliptical. 


I found CrossFit when I started dating Dave. One day he invited me to workout with him after he had finished a personal training session. The workout happened to be Fran; thrusters and pull-ups. I did a heavily modified version of Fran and felt like such a badass! I was super into Battlestar Galactica and was imagining this is what Starbuck would do to workout. Fast forward two days and I hadn’t been that sore since I tried out for the chorus of Bye, Bye, Birdie (again, not an athlete). I was hooked. 


Because we lived so far apart, I only got to do CrossFit sporadically for the first few months. But I started to make more of an effort to be more active. I took the stairs at school– that was about it. I still had no idea how out of shape I was but thought that walking up two flights of stairs a few times a week was going to be a substitute for working out. 


Once I moved in with Dave I was able to start working out consistently, and that’s when I had my ego handed to me. Turns out it doesn’t really matter if you take the stairs once in a while if you are still drinking soda on a daily basis and all the stair climbing in the world won’t get you better at push ups or pull ups. I remember being so angry doing ring rows and being so mad at myself for not taking better care of myself. 


Eventually, I got stronger and faster but didn’t really look any different. I felt like my exterior didn’t reflect all the hard work and effort I was putting into it. I started to look into changing my food. I tried the Zone and had little weightloss/ aesthetic improvement success. I kept working out, I kept making progress in the gym. Eventually, I made peace with my weight and focused on staying consistent in the gym. Around that time I also reached a breaking point with my health. Since adolescence, I was plagued by periodic bouts of hives. Doctors couldn’t tell me what was wrong, so I turned to Google. I found articles and blog posts written by people who were in a similar situation and made changes to their diet and found relief from their symptoms. The main dietary offenders seemed to be gluten and dairy. I decided to cut out foods that contained gluten and eliminated all dairy for a month to see what would happen. I didn’t notice any major changes the first month and decided to splurge on a chicken pot pie while at a friend’s house. I vividly remember the pain shooting through my abdomen every time I took a step when I got home. After that experience, I swore off gluten and dairy. About three months later I was down 10 pounds– and no hives! As we transitioned into Spring, I realized no more seasonal allergies either, which is a big deal since I have been plagued by allergies since childhood. 


In the last 9 years, my level of fitness has ebbed and flowed a bit but it has always trended upward. I have worked out through several life events, including pregnancy, birth, family illness and death, and work stress, which have taken a toll on me mentally and or physically. I am at a point in my CrossFit career where PRs aren’t as easy to come by, and it’s okay if I don’t always PR. It doesn’t mean that CrossFit is no longer working or that I have “peaked,” but that I have even more room for improvement. I still have movements to conquer and goats to get past. If CrossFit has taught me one thing, it is that age does determine or put a cap on ability, but attitude sure will. 

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