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From Marissa

Most wouldn’t assume such a transformation could happen in 2 1/2 months of doing CF, but to each their own. I knew a little bit about CF due to Kelly doing it and I had been to a Community WOD before, but I didn’t know how much that it would change me or help me find myself again.

2016 and 2017 were really difficult years for me. I lost myself and fell into a dark place that is always a work in progress. I didn’t know who I was, I didn’t know what made ME happy anymore. I was always trying to please other people and make them happy before myself.


CF kinda slapped me in the face and spun me around. All of a sudden I was dripping sweat and sore in places that I didn’t know I could be sore in. I mean, I’d go to the gym here and there and think “I got a good workout in”. Boy, I was wrong. I felt like I had opened Pandora’s box when Amy and I started the On Ramp. I almost wanted to run (like out of the building back to my car, not a 400m for funsies), but a part of me felt accomplished and also that I didn’t realize HOW out of shape I was.


 I have never been confident in pretty much anything that I have ever done or even myself in general. So I have the “I can’t do that” mindset. I was watching everyone else in class lift more, able to do pull ups, muscle ups, even faster in the WOD than me and it was a little discouraging. I just had to keep telling myself that in time I will be there, and that they were in my shoes at one time. I’ll be honest, if I had a WOD to do at a regular gym like the ones we have, I would have stopped when I thought that I couldn’t do anymore. Hearing cheers for me from people that I didn’t even think knew my name, people sitting there pushing me, telling me that I can do it, and to keep going. THAT is one of the most amazing feelings. It’s not people thinking that they are better than you and finished before you etc. People commenting on my SugarWod, giving me “fist bumps”, coaches/athletes saying great job or you did awesome made me feel so much better. Like I was getting in the groove of things.

After the On Ramp and doing WOD’s in class, something sparked in me again that I hadn’t felt in a REALLY REALLY long time. I can’t even explain it, but I am sure some may know that feeling.


I have met some really amazing people here and have done some pretty awesome things that I never imagined that I would do in my life (like participate in the Open right off the bat).


I don’t know where I would be right now in my life if I hadn’t joined CrossFit Sac. I am so thankful for the opportunity that I got from Kelly to change my life as it changed hers. I have found a love for CrossFit, even though sometimes it makes me wanna puke, and I can’t wait to see the progress I make over time. I think I am starting to find me again, and she was missed.

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