Wednesday 3/14

20 Min AMRAP:
3 Front Squat @ 185/125
5 Toe 2 Bar
7 Push Jerk @ 135/95
9 Box Jump @ 30/24

From Jeanette

I have been thinking about what I was going to write for my transformation story all week and how personal I wanted to get. Did I really want to share such personal details of my life on a blog that everyone could read??  Was I going to write some generic transformation story and keep it simple??  Well, I decided to just be honest because at the end of the day, we are all family here and CrossFit Sac is a key part in my personal transformation!


About 6 years ago I ended an 11 year long physically and emotionally abusive marriage. I found myself emotionally broken with no self confidence and absolutely no self esteem or self worth.  I was now a single Mom trying to start over, stay focused on my job and be there for my daughter. I set myself aside so I could focus on my daughters needs and help her heal from all the turmoil in our home and the  heartache of her father moving out and her parents getting a divorce.  My Mother had a front row seat to all the years of destruction and continued to watch the aftermath take its toll on me physically and emotionally. She kept talking to me about CrossFit and how I should try it. Every time I went to visit her in Reno she would try and drag me to her box just so I could check it out. She was convinced that joining a community and doing something for myself that was healthy would start me down a path of healing. I looked at her like she was crazy!! Really, this CrossFit thing was the answer to all my problems??? After about a year of her constant nagging ( love you Mom!) I finally agreed to join her at her box and check it out. I left the gym feeling nauseous and exhausted but promised her I would find a box in Sacramento and give it a few months. Her gym owner recommended CrossFit Sac so finally after about three months,  I walked through the doors for my first intro class and 4 years later I am still walking through those door!  I started CrossFit Sac scared, intimidated, and full of doubt. Class by class, week by week I started to feel more confident and could see my self worth coming back.  Every time I finished a WOD that I didn’t think I could, or lifted weights I didn’t think I could, my perception of myself began to change. To be surrounded by amazing coaches and fellow members that believe in you more then you believe in yourself sometimes, that celebrate your victory’s with you and encourage and cheer you on when you don’t think you can finish is something else!


I went from an emotionally broken women who could barely get through a WOD  to a happier and stronger women! I am now married to an amazing man who shares the same passion for CrossFit as I do and the friendships we have created at the gym are now family to us. Thank you to all the coaches and each one of you for being a part of my journey to help rebuild what was tore down for so many years. I appreciate each and everyone you and am beyond grateful for the CrossFit Sac community!

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