Tuesday 3/13

For time:
15 Burpee Box Jump Over
Hang Power Snatch @ 95/65
Sit Up

From Megan

This is not a transformation story of going from being overweight and out of shape to being buff and toned. It’s not a transformation story of losing 50 pounds.  As a Crossfitter that’s still semi-new to the Box, those transformations are still a work in progress for me. The transformation story I’d like to talk about is one of my strength, ability, and respect. 


At my first one-on-one On Ramp session with Monique, she asked me what my goals were. One of the goals I had told her was that I wanted to be able to bench press 135 pounds. It had been something I had been working on achieving at the gym for YEARS, but never achieved. I was benching 110 pounds at the time so I was close, but nothing I seemed to do helped me get there. 


Well, Crossfit helped me get there. On that same day, Monique mentioned to me that Crossfit doesn’t incorporate a whole lot of bench pressing into WODs but that I’d see myself getting stronger from doing other movements that worked my chest, so Crossfit could help me with that goal. Fast forward five months to last week: I did my first bench press of 135 (thanks to the many push-ups we do in warmup) and it was EASY. So easy that I did another set. And another. 


This goal was so important to me because I come from a fitness background of weightlifting at gyms with so much sexism in the weight room. I’ve always wanted to be able to bench full plates,135, because I used to think that’s what I needed to be able to bench in order to gain respect for my strength. Crossfit did more than help me achieve my goal of benching 135. The incredible team at CrossfitSAC gives me respect automatically just for trying my best on every WOD. I learned that it doesn’t matter what scale I do or what amount of weight I put on my bar, that I am a badass and that I don’t need to earn the respect of some meathead at a local gym to feel strong or successful. 

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