Monday 3/12

5 Rounds each for time:

15 GHD Hip Extension
15/12 Cal Row
15 Pull Up

Rest as needed between rounds

From Antoine

I first came to Crossfit SAC in August of 2014. Before I did CrossFit I had absolutely no athletic experience. I didn’t really like sports as a kid so I didn’t bother to play them. I also was a bit of couch potato, and if you haven’t noticed, I will tell you that I am not very coordinated nor flexible, so doing Olympic weight lifting and gymnastics was quite a far stretch for me. I heard of the CrossFit workouts from a few co-workers. They would just brag that they lost weight and all of a sudden noticed that muscles started appearing where there was once flab. 


Actually, CrossFit SAC was not my first choice. I tried to call at least three other gyms but two didn’t answer the phone, and I actually drove to another gym on two different occasions but the door was locked both times. And then I just ended up googling “CrossFit” and found CrossFit Sac. It was near my house so that was a plus. I drove to the gym, and surprise, the door was open and Dave was at the counter. I guess it was meant to be. Dave walked through me the process of what a typical work out is and told me I should try it for at least 3 months. I figured I should at least give this Crossfit thing a shot since at the age 27 I was diagnosed with high blood pressure (but I can thank my genetics and my unhealthy eating habits for that).


My very first workout after the Intro was FRAN (yeah, I know).  I must admit, within the first week I was a bit surprised at how difficult these workouts are. My biggest challenge is trying to find the balance between pushing myself so I can become stronger and not overexerting myself to the point were I either pass out or vomit in the gym. I can’t tell you how many times during the first couple of weeks I wanted to just go home and not do it at all, but I went against that voice in my head and I kept at it. I knew that for the improvement of my health and life longevity I needed to keep trying to stay active. I was completely shocked to discover that within my first month of doing crossfit I lost seven whopping pounds. That may not seem like a whole lot but for me that was a huge milestone. 


I have surprised even myself at the progress I have made since I started CrossFit. In the beginning rope climbing terrified me, and it still does. In fact, I would get panic attacks watching other athletes reach the top of the rope.  But just before Christmas I reached my very first rope climb. I also struggled with pull-ups but just at the end of last year I was able to link kipping together. I was also intimidated by the heavy weight lifting, but I did it anyway. And I was shocked to find out that I was able to back squat my own body weight. I also got my very first toe-to-bar last week in the Open. And iust last year my doctor took me off of my meds. WOOHOO!! It only took me about two years but slow progress is better than no progress at all. 


I have tried other fitness programs before. I tried doing yoga and I actually fell asleep in my first class because it was so boring, I am not kidding!! I tried going solo and doing the treadmills and weights at Planet Fitness and that didn’t work. So for me this has been the only thing that works. And I have to say working out at Crossfit is WAY BETTER than what I was expecting. The best part about Crossfit SAC is that all the coaches have been extremely helpful and have kept a very positive attitude with me. CrossFit has helped me come out of my shell a bit and is teaching me quite a bit what I am capable of. I have conquered some milestones but I feel like I have long way to go. My next goal is to be able to do those darn double unders and maybe even a handstand walk in the future.


Thanks for Reading!!!!

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