Tuesday 2/27

4 Rounds for time:
8 Chest 2 Bar Pull Up
12 DB Snatch @ 45/30
35 Double Under

From Calvin

This Transformation story may be a little different than others you may have seen before. I certainly don’t put myself in the same category of amazing people that have lost 100 lbs with CrossFit or those who got off blood pressure meds. This aside, CrossFit changed my life completely. 

When I was in college I was not an athlete. In fact, I hadn’t done a single bit of exercise since junior high. My life consisted of Mc Donald’s, Jack Daniels and parties. I hated myself and how I looked. Very destructive. My friend got me into “regular fitness” and I began to work my way towards a more active lifestyle. The problem that I faced was that I had no guidance to what I was doing. I trained for years by myself trying to understand how to be happy with the way I looked and ultimately I fell into a spot that is notorious in the standard fitness community: Too much training, and not enough eating. This condition (as I discovered later) is known as Exercise Anorexia Nervosa. At my heaviest with my worst food intake I was sitting around 230 Lbs. Which isn’t a large number for my height but the weight was all bad. During the lowest portion of my struggle I weighted a delicate 165 lbs. Now, at 6’1 that wasn’t great. But when your perception of “health” is so misguided, it doesn’t seem so obvious. After getting a job at a larger Gym Franchise and trying several different methods of fitness, I stumbled across a video on the internet of an old school pull up workout back at CF Santa Cruz. I watched in awe as the guy in the video made the 10 rounds look effortless and physically he looked top of his game. (Turns out he was a mountain climber) but that’s beside the point. It got me interested in this CrossFit thing and I began to do “CrossFit” on my own.

Fast forward to me finding CF SAC. I thought I had it all figured out. I was so very wrong. I thought I was fit. Still wrong. The level of effort. The support. The coaching given! I had no idea that I could achieve so much. It challenged what I knew about conventional fitness. It made me deal with my own demons and find a new way of thinking about myself and although it still took me some time (and some mistakes) to truly understand the power of that white board, the programming and the mindset of this place has helped me be a better person. A stronger person, not just physically but mentally. I was lucky enough to find two amazing mentors with Dave and Amy and in my time as an athlete and as a coach I can’t help but think about how much my outlook, my confidence and my attitude has changed for the better. I eat well. I work out hard and not too much. I’m proud of what I do. I weigh 20-25 lbs more now than I did when I first came to CFSAC. I’m happy with it. I’ve never been more happy with it. And because of that mind set my whole life has been able to grow and thrive. Thank you CrossFit. Thank you Dave and Amy. You’ll never know how much all this has meant to me.

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