Friday 2/16

15 Min AMRAP

16 DB Walking Lunge @ 45/30
2 Rope Climb

From Tracy

I discovered CrossFit Sac in February 2015.  I had heard of CrossFit, but assumed it wasn’t something that I could do.  I had this misconception that this was not something one started in their 40’s and you had to be in tip top shape to do something this hard. Not to mention that CrossFit would leave me injured according to news reports.  

I was so wrong!

I was prompted to consider CrossFit as I found my fitness routine was not keeping up with the rigors of endless hours of research for my grad school program.  

I have lifted consistently since I was a teenager, as I discovered it helped me maintain a healthy weight.  I knew the joys of weightlifting, but my routine at that time left me unmotivated and I could quickly talk myself out of going to work out.  

I decided to give CrossFit Sac a try.  

The onramp classes were nice, as they were one on one.  It gave me a chance to practice certain lifts before joining larger group classes. Once I started regular classes I was hooked!  I had discovered a whole new world of fitness.  

Historically, I would head to the gym, put on my headphones and ignore the world as I lifted.  CrossFit Sac had me coming to class early to chat with fellow members and commiserate over sore body parts.  I quickly embraced the world of CrossFit. The community and family of people of CrossFit Sac are incredible.

As I approach my 3rd CrossFit Open I can’t imagine what my life would be like without CrossFit Sac.  I look back at my log and can’t believe how much strength I have gained, the great people I’ve met, and the overall fitness levels I have achieved.  The bonus is I’m almost done with grad school and I haven’t grown out of my pants.

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