Friday 11/9

Filthy 50

For time:
50 Box Jump
50 Jumping Pull Up
50 Kb Swing
50 Walking Lunge
50 Knee to elbow
50 Push Press
50 Hip Extension
50 Wall Ball
50 Burpee
50 Double Under

What’s It Gonna Take?

My mom and dad smoked cigarettes come as early as I can remember. I used to see them go through packs a day and cartons a week I never really thought anything of it. All the posters that were hung up in my classroom at the time told us butts were bad. Of course, they were talking about cigarette butts but they showed a collage of farm animal butts to illustrate their point. A pretty effective theme really.

My Mom and Dad tried several times to get off the habit and went from nicotine patches to gums to cold turkeys to whatever. And nothing ever really stuck or took. It wasn’t until I was about 23-24 and my dad fell sick with pneumonia. He was in the hospital over three weeks and during that time he permanently lost over 70% of his lung capacity. Needless to say, he almost died. After that, you couldn’t get a cigarette near my dad. He didn’t need patches or gum. He didn’t need to see a poster. It changed him and it affected him so great that he knew he couldn’t mess around anymore.

I still find it amazing that it took such a drastic event to sway him to do better for himself. That it took a near-death experience to get him to stop a habit that he already knew was killing him. 

Now, some of you are facing a very similar dilemma. Maybe you haven’t reached that point yet but you’re headed there. There’s something that you’re doing or not doing to yourself that will eventually catch up with you. And if you, like my dad, don’t do anything soon, will find yourself in a bad spot. Maybe it’s going to take cirrhosis or liver failure before you put down the glass of booze. Maybe you need to be diabetic. Maybe you find yourself unable to perform the simplest of tasks without being winded before you start getting your food together.

 But hopefully not.

My Hope Is that you will see this story and instead of repeating it, you learn from it. Maybe even be inspired by it. Keep yourself from having to go through anything like that.

And I know this might sound like a real bummer story. And I’m certainly not trying to ruin anyone’s day. But maybe this is what it takes to get you to do what you have to do. Maybe that feeling or even fear is what you need to prevent the worst. I wish only for you with the Vulcans wish for you.

Live long and prosper,

Coach Calvin 

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