Thursday 11/8

Power Clean Elizabeth
21-15-9 reps for time of:
Power Clean @ 135/95
Ring Dip

Bar Muscle Up skill work

The third and final piece of Skill Work we’ll be focusing on this month is the bar muscle up.

In the past we’ve spent a decent amount of time refining the skills necessary for ring muscle up proficiency, but now we’re shifting our focus to the bar.

Some people find bar muscle ups harder than their ring siblings, some find them easier. There are a few factors at work here.

1 – The bar is a stationary object while the rings offer a dynamic challenge. Since the bar doesn’t move, and is typically the same bar used for pull ups and toes to bar, there is a comfort and confidence factor at play.

2 – Since the rings move, they can also part, which means that an athlete doesn’t have to pull quite as high in order to achieve the necessary bottom of the dip position, or transition, in order to complete the ring muscle up. The bar doesn’t move though, so in order to transition over it, athletes must pull much lower on their bodies.

3 – The false grip, which we practice on the rings every time we’re drilling ring muscle ups, is very helpful in learning that movement the first time. A false grip on the bar, while possible, is much more difficult to maintain, especially over multiple reps.

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