Monday 11/26

Banded Sumo Deadlift
10×2 @ ~50%

Sumo Deadlift

2×20 Snatch grip hip extension
2×20 Banded kneeling squat

Ebb and Flow

CrossFit is an interesting thing. Often times I find CrossFit reflecting life in general. And I mean that in the sense that successes and failures are felt in the CrossFit gym much like they are felt in life as a whole. There are some days in life where everything is going your way. The weather is just the way you like it, you got a good night’s rest, had your favorite breakfast. Heck, even your sports team is doing good!

 Then there are other days. Days where it feels like nothing can go your way. Maybe it’s a hundred and six degrees out and your AC is broken in your car. You couldn’t sleep last night because your neighbors decided to throw a house party on a Wednesday. Because you didn’t sleep you missed your alarm and basically didn’t even have time to get breakfast. And your sports team? They just lost 4 games in a row.

To that effect, CrossFit reflects very similarly. You notice great progress in your Fitness. You finally get that skill you’ve been working on for months. You just PR’d Helen time and wouldn’t you know what your back squat went up too!

And then there are those weeks… You know, those weeks… you missed your PR on that Benchmark by 6 rounds. 6! Your legs have never felt heavier in that 800m repeat that you did. And those 10 burpees that you did at the end of that one workout almost made you throw up after all of those freaking lunges.

But here’s the thing: whether we’re talking about outside the gym or inside the gym, it’s all about the Ebbs and flows. The Hills And The Valleys. In real life, not every day is going to be a holiday. You guys know this since many moons ago. This is something you figured out back when you were a kid and had a really terrible week in school with a bad teacher or maybe you got sick with the chicken pox and had to miss your spring vacation or whatever. Just like real life your CrossFit isn’t going to be your best every day. Sometimes we’ll have a real turd of a week and it can be very discouraging. But you can’t give up. You can’t lose your focus. Because just on the other side of that terrible awful no good week could be a complete week of PRs. Maybe? It might just be that you stabilize and start having a good time again.

And that’s what I want to leave you with. When it feels like your performance is dropping are you just can’t get a break, realize that you come to the gym to enjoy yourself. And I know, it’s not like you relish the idea of running in the heat and doing a bunch of Pull-Ups but, this is our big adult playground. You should be having fun while you are here. If you’re not having fun you need to lighten up loosen up and let me help you have more fun. Because I guarantee you the more fun you have while you’re here the better you’re going to do overall. And you know me, I’m all about having a good time!



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