Saturday 11/3

2 Rounds for time:
40 DB Push Press @ 30/20
40 Alt DB Snatch
800m run


Oct 15, 2018, 06:09pm

Do You Even Lift, Grandma? Why Older Adults Should Be Making Gains. It’s More Than Just Bro Science

Robin Seaton JeffersonContributor

Do you even lift? According to, it’s a condescending expression used on body building and fitness forums to question the legitimacy of someone’s fitness expertise or weight lifting routine. But if we’re paying attention to the research, maybe it’s a question we should be asking older adults and everyone for that matter.  And this is no Bro Science.

A former powerlifter and biologist says exercise, and in particular strength training, is “absolutely critical” for people as they age. And he says the science backs it up. Watching his own parents and his wife’s grandparents age led Nicholas Rizzo to spend hours upon hours researching over 200 scientifically backed, peer-reviewed studies, 126 of which he used as evidence for a list he created of the benefits of weight lifting for older adults.

Senior Man during outdoor workout on the beach. Getty

Despite the evidence, Rizzo says some 80% of adults are not engaging in enough physical activity to reach prescribed guidelines—a choice that he says is “extremely dangerous” and puts them at “increased risk of serious adverse health conditions such as blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, obesity, cholesterol issues, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cancer, depression and death from any cause.”

In fact, Rizzo said, in 2008 there were 5.3 million deaths worldwide caused by a lack of physical activity out of the 57 million deaths worldwide.

And many times, the physical activities older adults are engaging in, aren’t enough. “Many people know weightlifting is hugely beneficial but think light walking or recreational activity is ‘good enough’ for seniors,” he said. “There is this misconception that older aged individuals should stay away from any strenuous activity that can build strength like weightlifting. Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth.”

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