Tuesday 11/20

HS Walk Skill Work


For time:

60 Overhead Squat @ 75/55
60 Pull Up
60 Sit Up
60 Walking Lunge Step
60 Kb Swing @ 53/35
60 Double Under

*** REMINDER ***


Top 5 reasons to cherry-pick a workout or not come in.

1. You’re not the best at it.

The workout in the whiteboard today is just not your jam. You tend to excel at certain kinds of workouts. Today’s workout is just not that workout. No reason to go in. You’re not going to look your absolute best. So what’s the point?

2. A big weekend full of bad decisions.

“You know coach, I partied pretty hard last two days and I may have consumed my weight in both pizza and beer. I think it’s probably best if I sit the next couple of days out and recover.”

3. Already 100% happy with the way you look and feel all the time.

Workout? Why? How could you possibly improve on perfection? And honestly, I feel so good all the time this would simply just bum me out.

4. It’s really hard.

CrossFit is like 10 reps on the minute for 15 rounds kind of a deal… Yeah… I’m more of a one-rep every 4 hours for 3 Rounds kind of person. Not really looking to be uncomfortable… like ever.

5. Not really into health and wellness. 

Yeah, those nagging pains I’ve had for years really do it for me. Plus being sick all the time because of a lowered immune system means I get to call into work sick. Two birds one stone!

Now guys, I know some of you are going to look at this and probably say to yourself ” Whoa coach! Coming in a little hot today aren’t we?” But it’s really not meant like that. I think all of us, including myself, see days where we’d rather just not do the workout. We’ve all got our reasons and a couple of the ones on this list have resonated with me before. So I’m far from innocent myself. However, when we begin to look at the reality of the situation we can see how we convince ourselves that these excuses are legitimate when clearly they are not. 

We might end up telling others reason why we can’t. When the whole time we’re trying to convince ourselves why we don’t need to. When it comes down to it there are basically two types of Crossfit workouts: Ones do you like to do and ones you don’t like to do. You should do both of them on the regular. 

You should do the workouts that you don’t like to do because as it turns out that’s where Fitness is made. Not just physical Improvement but also emotional and mental strength is built by forcing ourselves to endure discomfort in a productive fashion. To be clear that doesn’t mean you should go out and have someone punch you in the face because it’s uncomfortable. That’s not productive. But facing challenges and arriving on the other side of those challenges makes you better.

You should also do the workouts that you enjoy. If you’re a runner you better show up for that 5K day because that’s where you’re going to shine. Everyone wants to feel good about what they achieve. And there’s no reason to not feel that. You deserve that for working so hard. If you’re a lifter and you just love to pick up heavy things and it makes you feel good to engage in that heavyweight and to overcome gravity in such a way, then you better be there for back squat day. Because moving that weight and getting that out of your system is so good for your body and also your mind and heart.

In the end, there’s not really a workout that you need to stay clear from or avoid. Because regardless of the workout or the type of workout, it’s going to do something awesome for you. These are the things that I have to tell myself when I see the workouts as well. And if you’re having a hard time telling yourself to do these things, talk to a coach. We are here to help you face those challenges and then guide you through those workouts. See you in all the classes guys, I look forward to it.


Coach Calvin

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