Tuesday 11/13

10×3 Bench Press @ ~50%

Bench Press

2×20 Tate press
2×20 Skull crusher
100 banded pull apart

From Jen Charlseworth
colleague of mine on CrossFit Seminar Staff

Wanna know the “diet” that will get you every result you ever dreamed of? Are you ready for it…? It’s CONSISTENCY over time with *A* thing.

I’m not talking kinda track your macros for a week, do the Zone-ish for 12 days, dabble in keto but blow your weekends, maybe fast for 20 hours then binge on junk.

Whatever you choose, choose to commit through the ups and downs and in-betweens. The best “diet” is the one you can be healthily (mentally & physically) consistent with.

Want to book some time with a coach to talk about improving your food intake?

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