Thursday 11/1

15 Min AMRAP

7 Ring Row
21 Double Under
7 Hand Release Push up
21 Double Under

Handstand Walk Skill Work

It’s a new month now and that means we’ll be focusing on a new set of skills a few times per week.

One of those skills we’ll be focusing on is handstand walking.

Keep in mind that even if walking on your hands seems like something you don’t care about, doesn’t meet your fitness goals or seems unattainable, just like everything else we do at the gym there’s a reason this stuff shows up.

The practice involved in developing the ability to walk on your hands will have carryover into other things that ARE more ‘normal’ or ‘regular’ both in the gym and out of it.

Do you want to have a better overhead position while supporting weight? Practice handstand walks.

Do you want to have more pressing strength? Practice handstand walks.

Hey, do your wrists hurt when you do front squats or overhead squats? Practicing handstand walks can help to strengthen your wrists so that isn’t an issue anymore.

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