Monday 1/29

Dynamic Effort Upper

10×3 Banded Bench @ ~50% 

Bench Press 5-5-5

Accessory work

I’ve heard people say “these workouts aren’t hard enough” or “I need more volume in my training” when referring to different programs they’ve tried within CrossFit. Whenever I hear that it’s always a bit surprising, and it makes me think of a few questions I’d like to ask them.

– What’s your Fran time? 
– What’s your Helen time?
– What’s your Cindy score?
– How fast can you finish Nasty Girls or Nancy?

The reason these questions come up is that it’s not uncommon for athletes to be able to perform CrossFit workouts as prescribed (Rx). Sometimes once they can they think they’ve reached some sort of pinnacle where now they need some super special program to be able to continue to improve.

This is typically not the case. 

What they need is more of what’s caused them to reach the fitness they have. They need to move well, to do it often and to do it with INTENSITY.

The 1-mile run is an Olympic event. Not because it’s impressive that people can run for a whole mile, but because it’s impressive how quickly they can do so. 

Think about how this applies to your own training. Commit yourself to showing up with a good attitude and working REALLY FRICKING HARD during that workout. Then go home and shake it off and come back tomorrow. 

This is the key to continued success. 

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