Wednesday 1/17

10 Chest 2 Bar Pull Up
4 Power Snatch @ 165/115
25 Double Under

From Chad Theron of CrossFit Pretoria


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CrossFit is a data-driven fitness program. This means that by tracking our workouts and recording our progress we are able to collect measurable, repeatable and observable data about ourselves and our fitness journey. By collecting this information we can determine which fitness protocol is best to increase work capacity across broad time and modal domains (increase our overall fitness). If we can determine our strengths and weaknesses, we can easily shift our focus on what we need to do to reach our goals.

Setting Goals

Keeping record of your workouts will allow you to set a goal for yourself to achieve. This goal will in turn motivate you to work harder and improve your skill set. At the beginning, it can be quite challenging to set realistic goals, therefore it is crucial that you start small. The key is time; our bodies undergo slow and steady change. Keeping track will help you set better goals as time passes.

Good Measure of Progress

Exercise leads to the gradual buildup of one’s overall fitness. You start small and then you slowly work your way to the top. Keeping track of your workout will allow you to map out your progress from when you first started. Noting down everything in excruciating detail from the time of your workout to the amount of reps you performed and what weight you used, will allow you to monitor your fitness progress and know how much your body has transformed.

Helps with Motivation

The long journey towards a healthier lifestyle is not a smooth one. There will be bumps along the road; things will not always go according to plan. Keeping a track record of your workout will allow you to stay motivated and help you get back on track if you have a minor setback.

If you do not remain up to date with your workout routine and progress, you will not be able to judge yourself. This in turn might lead to slowing down which is never a good thing when working towards adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Better Learning

From a trainer’s point of you, a track record is the key to success. If your trainer or coach has a record of your progress, he or she will be able to guide you better with what steps to consider next. You and your trainer can actively discuss any issues that have been keeping you from achieving your goal and point out any necessary changes in your workout routine. If you are going the extra mile and tracking your diet intake as well then rest assured your progress will be more than that of someone’s who is not keeping a record.

Start Now

If, in the past, you have been relatively inconsistent or unaware about recording your workouts in a journal, start now. Use an app, write in a notebook, or take a picture of the scoreboard after each workout. No matter how you do it, just start doing it. Build an organized chart that monitors every tiny detail of your health and fitness routine. Stay motivated and continue to set bigger goals as you progress.

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