Tuesday 10/3

For time:
•5 rope climbs, 15-ft. rope
•75 thrusters, 75 lb.
•50 dips
•5 rope climbs, 15-ft. rope
•50 overhead squats, 75 lb.
•75 sit-ups
•5 rope climbs, 15-ft. rope

I recently read a blog post from CrossFit Invictus coach Kristen Ahrendt titled “The Most Revealing Test in CrossFit.” I want to make sure we don’t fail that test.

If you didn’t read the post, the basic idea is that while CrossFit tests physical abilities, most people don’t realize it also tests their character, specifically when the workout is over. The individual mindset versus the group mindset.

Are you the kind of athlete that finishes their workout, takes a moment to breathe and then cheers on someone who is still finishing? Or do you crawl to the nearest fan or water bottle and think about how terrible that workout felt? Or worse, do you start cleaning up your gear while people are still working out?

We all know how much a workout can hurt– and that’s the point. We are all in this together. Everyone in class with you is part of a team, even if you are working as individuals. You all decided to show up for class, even though it would have been a lot easier go home. You all decided to do something you know is going to hurt. You are all suffering together. So when your pain is over a little sooner than everyone else, make sure that your teammates don’t suffer alone.

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