Thursday 9/14

Dynamic effort Deadlift

10×2 Deadlift @ ~50%


Accessory work


Hey guys! It’s Calvin and I’m gonna talk about some semi serious stuff today. I have the distinct pleasure of seeing almost every class all week long and I feel like I can get a better understanding of the mood of the gym and the general flow of the day. I can see how people interact or don’t interact with one another. As of the last couple of weeks I’ve tried to take note of behaviors and remarks made to others and just general observations I’ve made and I thought it might be a good idea to list and discuss some unwritten courtesies that we like to have in our gym. These are not necessarily “rules” as in, contractual agreement, but common do’s and don’t to make everyone’s day a little better and smoother.


1. Talking during the brief. I talk a lot. Like chatter box bad. So, I get it. You miss your friends and you wanna say high. But during the brief may not be the best time. The brief is our way to convey our expectations for the hour, the WOD and the class. So often times when people ask me 10 secs after the brief ” Sooo, what are we doin?”  They may have been distracted by other conversation or distracted by some one else’s conversation. So, if you can just stay tuned in to what we’re doing it may help you and if there are questions after, I promise you, I’m more than happy to answer them.


2. Close quarter movement. Sometimes we get big classes. I love it! So many people getting fitter and working hard, using that motivation, great energy. However, making sure that where your working isn’t going to interfere someone else is probably a good idea too. Some times space is limited and maybe your in your normal spot for a workout but, today, because it’s toes to bar and wallball day, so are 4 other people. They have just as much right be there as you and I know that you know that, but just keep and open mind and be understanding as best you can.


3. If you’re not in the class, don’t be in the class. Now this is NOT to say that you shouldn’t be near by encouraging your fellow CrossFitters or that you need to stay away. However, if we have the GHD’s down and we’re running in and out of the doors, and folks are going back and forth from floor to floor, maybe sitting on the yellow step isn’t the best spot to wait for your class. As we said before space can be limited, so if we can, let’s give the class as much elbow room as we can.


4. Moving/ taking stuff. Some times gear, some times chalk, some times the fan… We do our best to provide the classes with as much available space and gear as we can. I know for sure that Dave and Amy constantly strive to make your experience more enjoyable and smoother by keeping chalk in the buckets, keeping the barbells oiled, buying and replacing new gear like Rowers or GHDs, or clips that don’t break and bars that are clean and don’t gouge your hands. Truly because we want the best for you. That being said, you may not always get a 100% ideal set up for every workout. You may have to use a different bar or walk a little bit from one station to another. But I promise you it will be ok. Just enjoy the workout. We’re all working hard, sometimes in really gross heat. All of our breaths are short. All our hands hurt. All of us have lunge butt. We’re in this together.


Again, this is not to any one person. This is not in response to a single situation. This a friendly reminder to all about how we can make everyone’s experience better here at CF SAC. You know you guys are the best just keep respecting each other. 


– Calvin 🙂

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