Saturday 8/26

For time:
50 jumping alternating lunges, 50 steps
50 pull-ups
50 push presses, 95 lb.
50 hip extensions
50 burpees

Saturday is our Family Fit WOD. If you know a kiddo or teen that would enjoy doing a WOD with you, bring them in Saturday at 10 am. Please sign up for class ahead of time and make sure that a waiver is filled outfor your guest. 

Did Thursday’s workout look sort of familiar? Did it remind you a bit of a doozy of a Benchmark called “Filthy 50”? The only difference being that there seemed to be a bunch of movements that were left out on Thursday.

Not to worry, today’s workout contains the leftovers from Thursday. It’s all the stuff you’ve been hoping for!

And, to show you just what you have in-store, we’ve included a link to the same gym from Thursday’s workout doing today’s workout.

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