Tuesday 7/4

Fourth of July Community Day WOD
(9am only)
It’s a partner WOD!
Be prepared to squat, be prepared to run!
Be prepared to give a lot of high-fives!


July kicked off with a Water WOD. The Summer Bingo Challenge is underway and today is a Community Day WOD. But we are not done with the July festivities yet! The end of the month is another PR Week and July also kicks off the Benchmark Series. We have selected 13 Benchmark CrossFit WODs that we will repeat three times throughout the year, giving you an opportunity to compare past performances and track your progress. These workouts cover a full spectrum of movements and time domains. Some of these WODs are leaderboard workouts, other are heavy day workouts. And they are also a square on the Summer Challenge Bingo card. 

You, as an athlete don’t have to do anything other than show up, try hard and make sure to log your score in SugarWOD. 

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