Wednesday 7/19

In front of a clock set for 12 minutes:
•1 minute of double-unders
•1 minute of 50-lb. dumbbell snatches
•2 minutes of double-unders
•2 minutes of 50-lb. dumbbell snatches
•3 minutes of double-unders
•3 minutes of 50-lb. dumbbell snatches


Hey guys! Calvin here. I thought I might share with you today, or rather I might discuss with you the idea of fear. More importantly the idea of fear as it pertains to your fitness. This will not be a pep talk. 

Don’t worry this isn’t a lecture either. Now, fear is a pretty powerful thing. Sometimes it can be a hindrance. Like fear of a person, a color, a type of animal. Clowns…SPIDERS….I’m creeping myself out. Point is, there are legitimate phobias out in the world that enough people have them so they get a little lime light. Now, most of us are sure that clowns are just irritating and not actually going to kill us. But if you fear them, you’re not so sure. Now imagine you don’t hate clowns. Imagine you only dislike happy ones. The sad ones, you could care less. Mimes? Girrrl please. But those happy ones, you can’t even be in the same room with them. Now imagine that your opinions on clowns swapped from time to time. Now the happy ones are cool but the sad ones are scary. I know, weird right. It’s easy for us to look at this scenario and say it seems ridiculous but maybe it isn’t.

Maybe you like CrossFit. But weightlifting scares you. But not all weightlifting. Just the really really heavy stuff. But just for less than 5 reps. But it’s okay in a workout that isn’t only lifting. If it’s mixed with pull ups or running it’s fine. Buuuuuuut sometimes that switches.

See what I mean? 

It doesn’t have to make sense all the time. It’s just sometimes that happens. If you’ve ever been intimidated by a WOD or movement and you have no idea why, you are not alone. If you’ve ever turned around in your car on the way to the gym because you had a small panic attack or simply said “nope”. It’s okay. You’re not bad. Your human. That being said the coaches are here to help with those things. Everyday. Every class. Don’t be shy. Talk to us and we’ll find some solutions together. 🙂

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