Thursday 7/13

10 1-minute rounds of:
•185-lb. thrusters, 3 reps
•60-yard shuttle sprint (5 yards, 10 yards, 15 yards)
•Max reps of chest-to-bar pull-ups

Rest 2 minutes between rounds.

Post number of pull-ups completed.


We’ve got a fun day for you all today with a mix of thrusters, shuttle sprints and chest-to-bar pull-ups.

Our goal for everyone today is to give them somewhere between 20-30 seconds each round on the pull-up bar. To do that we’ll help you find a weight on the thruster that you can do all 3 reps unbroken but that will be a challenge (it’s meant to be on the heavy side), a distance for the shuttle that you can complete in a little over a minute and a version of the chest-to-bar pull-ups that is challenging but doable.

With 10 rounds of work this one promises to be a fun one!

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